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January 26, 2013


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Shadow had been spending a peaceful day just relaxing and enjoying the day, then Yin showed up and something came out of her and went into shadow, and then he feel his head start to scream with pain, and it just kept getting more intense. After a while, shadow realized the Dark Shadow was surfacing, but it was different than all the previous times because of what Yin had done. All shadow could do was hope it passed quickly, but he had no idea how bad it would really get.
Shadow throws his head back and screams as he begins to change, and then he blacks out.

The next morning

Shadow wakes up groaning in some kind of cave.

*groan* *clutching his head* "what happened last night."

Shadow sees the exit and heads for it, but once he stands in the mouth of the cave, his eye widen more and more as the realization of what he is seeing sinks in.
Shadow was looking out on the candy kingdom, which what COMPLETELY and UTTERLY DESTROYED! With Black smoke still billowing from the buildings that were still on fire.
Shadow rushes down and into the candy kingdom. "Hello? Can anyone hear me? Anybody?!?" All that is heard is the echoes of Shadow's voice.
Shadow then looks to the castle and bolts towards it, passing what smelled like smoldering piles of sugar and candy. He burst through the door. "Princess?" ... Nothing.  "Princess Bubblegum?" Still nothing as Shadow races through the castle, checking every room for the princess. Shadow finally tries the princess's bedroom. "Princess Bub…" Shadow is cut short at the sight he sees. He had found the princess…slashed almost literally to pieces, and barely alive. "PRINCESS!!!" Shadow rushes over to try and help her.

Bubblegum: "n…no…stay away……stay away …you monster!!"

Bubblegum honestly tries to get away from Shadow, and calls the guards. The guards that were still alive quickly attack shadow without hesitation and with the intention of killing him on the spot. Shadow is forced to flee.
Once shadow is outside the boarders of all the kingdoms, he falls back against a tree. On the way there, Shadow had seen that almost all of Ooo itself had been torn apart; Almost all the kingdoms in the same state as the candy kingdom, and most of the citizens of the kingdoms either gone or mortally wounded. And in almost every one of them, the people attacked him on sight.

"What is going on? Yesterday I could walk into any one of the kingdoms and everyone would greet me like a hero. What happened after I blacked out?" Shadow tries to remember, and then, like a flood gate being opened, the memories hit him like tsunami. After Yin had possessed him, Dark Shadow had awakened stronger than ever before, and shadow could NOT regain control at all. Dark Shadow had gone to each kingdom in turn and leveled it to the ground, or just flat out burned it to the ground. And the worst part was that Dark Shadow stayed to watch the inhabitants of each kingdom suffer. Once the kingdom was destroyed, Dark Shadow went on to the next one. Dark Shadow had even taken the Ice Kings Crown in order to freeze over the fire kingdom, trapping the inhabitants inside the ice dome that was now over the castle and their homes. The candy kingdom had been last. Dark Shadow found the candy kingdom to be tougher than he originally thought, but the kingdom fell apart once Princess Bubblegum had been attacked; Dark Shadow had cut her down without hesitation, and then chased her once she fled. Bubblegum had made it to her room before Dark Shadow had caught up to her. And before Dark Shadow slashed her into her current state, Bubblegum had gotten a good look at him and knew that it was Dark Shadow, and then Dark Shadow attacked her. Once the Candy Kingdom had fallen, Dark Shadow went into the cave that Shadow had awakened in and they both collapsed from exhaustion, the part of Yin left and went back to Yin herself, and then that was when Shadow woke up.

Shadow sits there wide-eyed and in shock. "……what have I done? ……What have I done?" Shadow was still sitting there when the Candy Kingdoms Guards and army came and captured him. Shadow was thrown into the candy Kingdom cells, and bound with enchanted chains that negated his powers and magic. The remaining citizens of the candy kingdom as well as the other kingdoms had all gathered calling for "the monster to be slain". However, Princess Bubblegum, now healed and over her shock, was the only one that knew the truth, and was also the only one that could decide Shadows fate at this point.
Shadow explained what had happened, and the conditions of the contract. Bubblegum understood and gave Shadow community service for life, and he would have to wear inhibitor shackles whenever he entered a kingdom. Shadow is not allowed to remove them unless instructed to by the ruler of the kingdom.
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MrLonelyShadow Jan 27, 2013  Student Writer
great story but i must ask what about the ice kingdom? if it still counts as a kingdom
didn't think about that.
i guess the ice kingdom will have been melted. bathed in fire.
luisloh154 Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Amazing story
:iconpandyval: GOD DUDE!!...
YOu got me like this O.O during the whole reading!! this is just epic!!
I loved the story! I must share it!! seriously!!!!
but the bad thing of all already to late...PBP will die either way...
because it has been more than a year since they did something bad..and only good things have been going on...that bad stuff that Yin did..can be repaired...
than what kind of thing would save PBP?
:iconpandyval: too late...but at least Yin tried!
you do understand that Yin made him KILL inhabitants of each kingdom, right?
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